Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 31: My Specific Situation, IVF Results and Happy New Years [Eve]

During these past 31 days I’ve been talking about different topics from the 31 days of Prayers during Infertility I had spoken about on one of my posts (here).
Today it’s December 31st and I want to encourage you to pray for what ever your heart may desire.  Ask God with all your heart because He answers and He loves to bless His children. 

Father, I pray that what ever my ttc sisters pray for you grant them.  We all know it’s in your timing so I pray that you grant us all the patience we need to understand and accept your timing.  In Jesus Name ~Amen

Unfortunately we have failed our first IVF cycle.  Have I cried?  I didn't do much crying when I received the news.  But after a while I’ve had a couple of breakdowns.  Although I there was something inside of me that knew it had not work I still kept my hopes up but at the same time I already had set myself up for disappointment.
Hubs and I were talking about this cycle and how unfortunately we knew it went wrong from the beginning.   So since after retrieval we knew we had to be prepared for a negative outcome. 

We will be contacting our RE on Monday to discuss the cycle and next steps, in the meantime I have already stopped all medications and now waiting for aunt flow to arrive.   

I don't plan to do much crying it’s New Year’s Eve and I want to dedicate all my time to my loving husband.  I also want to keep myself busy getting back to my normal weight and focused on how my ttc sisters call it IVFtake2.

No one ever said this was going to be easy, just wish it wasn't so hard!

To all my lovely readers I wish you an amazing New Years Eve.  May you cherish the good memories 2015 has given you and may you learn from those bad experience to be stronger.   And when the clock strikes 12 don’t forget to kiss your loved ones and tell them how much you love them.  And most important don’t forget to thank God for all He has given you and all the blessings you’ll be receiving in this upcoming year 2016.

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