Monday, November 30, 2015

31 Days of Prayer during Infertility

December is a huge month for both hubs and I.  It is our first IVF Journey. We have been yearning, praying and hopeful for a child ever since we got married.  But it is not up to us but up to God and Doctors.  See God is the God Almighty, our Healer our protector our guide; yet He put doctors in this world to help those in need. 

And since December is our month I wanted to do a 31 Days of Infertility Prayer.  I had found this while reading the Amateur Nester.  I know this will keep me busy and with my faith up and going.  My life is set on God’s purpose and I don’t know if this will work or not.  But whatever the outcome of our first IVF; I know I will be in peace. 

But for now I will be dedicating myself to prayer, peace and trying to be stress free.  I have the slightest clue on what will I be writing these 31 days to bring all these desires to my heart; all I pray for is that this December be the one I will never forget.   

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