Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 15: Endurance

When I think of a good meaning for Endurance I envision myself in a race where I have the ability to resist and having the immunity to wounds or fatigue.  This is how I see my journey right now. 

We’ve been on this “race” for almost three years.  Between trying naturally, then IUI’s and now our first IVF.  We don’t know if we will beat this journey now but I know for sure that God is with us in this journey.  I know that sooner or later we will beat this race and our trophy will be our little miracle. 

Lord you know the desires of our hearts.  Today I pray so that you can give each and every warrior the endurance to continue this journey knowing and declaring victory.  ~Amen

Charles Bridge (People believe it's for good luck if you place your hand on the golden plaque.  Of course I did it as well)
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