Friday, December 18, 2015

Day 18: God's Glory & Embryo Transfer

When I began this journey 2 years ago I thought about I want to be a mother, I want to make my husband a father, I want to get pregnant, I want, I want, I want…

Never once did I think about doing anything in order to glorify my Lord.  That’s when I learned to be more humble, to give thanks and specially to do things to glorify God and not myself.  I mean of course I want to be a mom.

But now I desire to be a mother to raise a godly child. Now I want to use my blog to help other to believe in themselves but most important to believe in God.  I want to have God in my heart and in my family and glorify Him. 

Our transfer was this morning.  When we got to the clinic we were told that our embryo had stepped up on his game and was in perfect condition to transfer.  So I had a before and after session of acupuncture. 

Ever since injections I’ve been praying it wasn’t until we experienced the minimum amount of eggs, then losing them to just having one that we prayed until I couldn’t anymore. And now we are praying for our embryo will implant and grow inside of me for the remaining of a pregnancy.  But we are also praying for peace in our hearts because we know like I’ve always said God has something for us. 

God today I ask you to teach us the true meaning of glorifying you.  When we pray for what we desire let us do it with a humble heart knowing that it is not only for our own need but to glorify you.

To all reading my blog thank you for reading and for your prayers.

Thank you!!!
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