Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day 24: Obey and Merry Christmas (Eve)

While growing up I was the total opposite of the definition of obedience.  I mean during my childhood of course I obeyed my parents but in my teen years oh’ boy I gave my parents tons of heartaches.  It wasn’t until I learned from experience that obeying directs me to the right path. 

That’s what God wants us to do during our infertility journey -- to obey Him.  It can sound difficult and its easier said than done but it is possible. 

Lord today I ask you to help us obey your rules, obey your decisions.  Teach us your ways without questioning. ~Amen

Merry Christmas (Eve) to all my lovelies and may you have a wonderful dinner with your family and loved ones.  And may God continue to bless your lives. 
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