Monday, December 28, 2015

Day 28: True Belief and a Little IVF Update

I believe that everything that occurs in our lives is an experience we get to use to help others with similar situations.  I cannot believe the amount of ladies that I’ve known going through this journey that I have helped by telling them about the clinic and most important with a word of comfort.   

For example on 8dp5dt I did a POAS test and it came out negative.  We cried together and of course I broke down worst.  An hour later I wrote to my cousin who went through in vitro as well.  I admire her though because she never let her head down.  And those words were the one she told me.  Keep on fighting for your dream with your head up high.  And never stop praying for what you want because God always listens. 

I spoke to my clinic in regards to stopping the progesterone and estrogen but they clearly told me not too until January 1st which is the exact date they wanted me to test.  So I’m continuing as told and praying for a miracle. 

Lord today I pray so that we can reverse our sorrows into happiness and into experience we can share and teach others with.  At times it may be difficult for us to talk about something that will probably be of help for someone else.  In Jesus Name ~Amen

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your test, may be too early! Don't count yourself out yet my dear!! Baby dust your way!