Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 4: Wisdom

My husband use to call me Dr. Google.  Because whatever symptom I have I immediately go to Google and see the possible diagnose may be.  I still remember when I thought I had breast cancer because I had pain and several lumps.  I cried the day I went to the doctor explaining everything I had found on the Internet to later that day crack up laughing with my husband as I explained to him what my doctor had told me.  It was due to hormonal change during my cycle.  But I did not know this because I don’t have monthly cycles.

You see we think we can gain wisdom by searching for information.  And don’t get me wrong we do.  Because I have learned so much in regards to IVF and PCOS, on what to eat and not what to eat.  But I’ve also learned that kneeling down and praying can also provide the wisdom that you really need.  God can provide wisdom to make the right decisions, wisdom throughout your infertility journey. 

My precious Lord today I ask you to spread your wisdom to those in need.  Let us make better decisions based on your word.  Forgive us because at times we prefer to do things our way knowing that only You are the perfect guide the perfect teacher in our lives.  ~Amen
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