Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day 5: Freedom from Jealousy & Envy

I think we’ve all suffered of jealousy and envy at a moment time of our lives.  And since I consider myself an honest person I can say that I’ve been struggling with both for the past year.  I cannot describe the anger I would get when friends or cyber friends would post their pregnancy announcement.  Don’t get me wrong at the same time I would be happy but then it would hit me and bam I would be in tears. 

And it came to me that all this time I’ve been hurting myself with this pain and I’ve been hurting my friends as well.  I’ve missed so many baby showers out of selfishness. 

So believe me I understand how it all feels.  But we have two choices.  Either we sit down and be bitter hating on others or we choose to be happy for them, pray for them and thank God that during this journey you have the most amazing husband and outstanding family that is by your side giving you all the support you need. 

Jesus Christ, I pray to you today on behalf of all my ttc sisters wishing for your forgiveness.  Forgive us father for all those times we have been jealous and envious of the blessings of others.  Let us understand your purpose in our lives accepting and believing that in your timing we will as well be blessed.  ~Amen
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