Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 7: Mercy

In every negative pregnancy test both my husband and I felt miserable.  I felt worst because in my head I would think that if I never have the opportunity of making my husband a dad he would eventually end up leaving me for someone else. 

This is a horrible feeling I do not wish for anyone.  When you feel miserable you feel worthless as well.  God as our Father wants us to be happy.  And the only way we can try to prevent these thoughts is by praying for mercy.          

Lord, our battles are yours give us the strength to defeat our negative thoughts.  I declare no fear in our hearts.  Equip us to love like you love my Heavenly Father and that is unconditionally.  When we feel weak breathe life into our dry bones of faith.  Have mercy of us oh Lord.  In Jesus name. ~Amen
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