Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 8: Marriage

Marriage and infertility can be very difficult.  When we got married we already knew that we would have a bit of difficulty to have our baby.  But we loved each other and new everything would be all right.

After two years of marriage and of trying to have our baby we caught ourselves between tears, anger, frustration, sadness and tons of arguments.  He had tons of patience I wanted out.  I wanted him to have his own family and my jealousy and anger was not letting me be happy or make him happy.

It wasn’t until I began to pray and to leave everything in Gods hands that our marriage got from where I thought would be an ugly divorce to an I can’t live with out you type of relationship.  I let all my feelings go and asked God to open my eyes and He did.  I have an amazing husband with minor flaws but that loves me and would do anything for me.  Between the pain of not being able to make him a father yet I know that there is no other place or man I would rather be than him. 

Lord today I’m praying for those marriages that are struggling during this period of infertility.  Let them be stronger and united rather than weak and apart.  I ask you to bless every couple today and always and grant them all the wishes the heart desire.  Marriage is forever my Lord let no one be apart from their promise. ~Amen
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