Why A Life Without Mofongo?
Mofongo is a typical plate in Puerto Rico where I was raised and since I moved to the States with the hubs I thought that was a unique name.  Something different but it surely resembles me since it’s one of my favorite plate. 

How did you start blogging?
Writing is one of my hobbies, and I knew that once I’d move I would find myself in the need of writing, then came our infertility issue and that’s when I decided to open up a blog.  I consider blogging our diary which our child will one day enjoy. 

What do you do?
I am an Administrative Assistant.  Answering the phone is my thing lol.  I love what I do, especially because I love to give great Customer Service, I enjoy interacting with people.  And I just simply LOVE MY JOB.  

Where did you meet the hubs?
If I say Facebook would you believe me?  We had a friend in common and I would admire his pictures but never said anything to my friend.  One day he decides he wanted me to meet his best friend and when he sent me a picture it was that one person I’d be looking at on Facebook.  

Why don’t you mention your husband’s names?

At times I will write either “Josean” (which is his nickname) or “the Hubs”.  For military securities I will not display his name or last name, or unit 

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