Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Birthday To My Eternal Lover

He turns 32 today, the man I have the privilege of calling my husband. 

J, I am so grateful that I get to call you mine. You love me in a way I often don’t deserve; you are the roots for my heart.   With you I am at rest and in peace, I am not afraid.  When you’re away my heart longs for you like a homesick child. Our life has had some ups and downs, but this journey with you is a rich blessing, and there’s no one else I would want by my side; and I definitely would not change not even on tiny portion of what our marriage is and I am more than proud of being your wife. 

Today, as we celebrate you, I want you to know that I love you with more depth and passion each passing day and forever!
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Road Trip Essentials

The hubs, my sister, nephew and I will be heading to Orlando, Florida tonight on a small road trip.  We begin our drive right after I get off work at 5:00 pm so most likely between stops and traffic we will be getting there at around 1:30 in the morning.  I know that we will be alternating the drive so that each one can rest. 

Let’s be real; road trips and amusement parks are both exciting and draining.  We will have tons of things to do… I mean, c’mon! It’s Disney and last time I went I was around 5 years old.  So I just feel like a little kid! 

If it weren't for the fact that I tend to make lists of everything every time we go on short and long trips, we probably wouldn't survive. 

Check below to see what I packed and how it will help us during our ride and our stay in hot and fun Orlando, Florida!


Smart Water:   This one is especially for me; I have been drinking this brand since it contains electrolytes which helps prevent OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome)

Orbit Gum:  Between Coffee and Gum I can keep myself awake.  And Bubblemint is my favorite flavor.

Nature Valley:  A little snack in case we get hungry.

Coffee:  Caffeine is my best friend in road trips; even if I’m not driving at least I’ll be of good company. 

5-Hour Energy:   This is the hubs favorite; I personally don’t drink them and although I tried it once I don’t think it help me at all.


Iphone: Between Pandora and the only game I have for years please don’t make fun of me “Temple Run”  I’ll be just fine while being of company.

Movies: We plan on bringing all sorts of movies for the kiddo.  And my best bet would be Step Up because he loves music and dancing.  It runs in our latino blood.

Charger:  Since I’m always on my phone my battery doesn’t last me not even an hour :)  so I definitely need my car charger and also for the hotel. 


Fiat Bag:  When I moved to NC my first car was a Fiat 500 Cabrio; I was in love with my little FiFi but unfortunately it was too small for our road trips and decided to change it.  But they gave me a traveling bag which I use for small trips and I love it. 

Sony Camera:  I love my Sony camera especially because I capture every little detail.  It’s a great memory for when we grow old.

Sun block/Suntan Lotion: For some reason I tend to use sun block only in my face and suntan lotion on my arms.  But my favorite brand for both is the LorealSun Block Lotion and the Hawaiian Topic Suntan Lotion. 

Coach Crossbody Bag: My Coach Signature Ikat Swingpack is no longer in the Market but I only use it for road trips and amusement parks since all I need to put there is light weighted stuff like id’s, makeup and my cash and cards. 

Cosmetic Pouch:  Since we will just be 3 days at the Theme Parks I will only bring my favorite items which is my BB Cream, MAC Powder, MAC Bronzer, Neutral Eye Shadow, Mascara, MAC Hug Me Lipstick and MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fun In The Sun

As you all know my sister Jess and my nephew are visiting from Puerto Rico.  Every afternoon after I get home from work we go to the pool from our Apartments; so I thought it would be cool to do a fun little shoot so that you can see how much fun they are having.  

They love each other

 They love each other
She's TRYING to get tanned like me

My Love

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Friday, July 18, 2014

My Sister & Nephew Are Coming

One word can describe me today and that would be EXCITED

 Tonight I will be picking up my sister and nephew.  I haven't seen them since December 
when I went to Puerto Rico on vacations. 
 I have so many things planned for them to have the most 
amazing and unforgettable time here in North Carolina. 


This is how our relationship may be described

And this is my little munchkin and the definition of us lol in my eyes.

Have a safe and fun weekend my loves!!!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Venus Trapped in Mars
I decided to participate in the link-up created by Helene @ Helene In Between and Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars.  I’ve seen so many posts and I find it so fun that well here I am it’s short so enjoy lol:

Favorite Food – Sushi I can live with this forever. 

Favorite Song – Infieles by Romeo Santos it’s the swing of this bachata; I love dancing and singing but this song it’s an oldie but a goodie from the rythim, the video the singer EVERYTHING.

Favorite Hangout Place – It use to be CafĂ© La Plage in Puerto Rico; this place is right next to the beach, it has beds in the sand, white leather sofas to sit, perfect music, best drinks.  Best part is all the memories with the best friends. 

Favorite Hobby – Everything that includes water (beach, pool, snorkeling, surfing, etc.)

Favorite Flower – Who ever knows me well, actually knows I don’t like flowers.  My opinion and please do not get offended I feel as if flowers were for those who pass away.  But one flower I will always and forever love would be the Sunflowers.

Favorite Moment – Our wedding day; we went downtown to the court for information after we filled out everything the lady takes us and our witness to this courtroom and tells us stand here and there it was we were married in t-shirts and jeans. 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was dedicated to our humble apartment.  On Saturday after two weeks we finally unpacked everything and we are now settled in.  I will be posting pictures once I hang my frames and organize everything.  Hubs and I started on our first DIY project around the apartment and we picked to change the color of our stools.  Since they were black and all of our furniture is in a wood color finish we decided to paint them in a brownish/gold color.


Then on Sunday we took the day to rest, go to the mall and then we called my dad via face time to sing him Happy Birthday.  And although it was yesterday and he knows how much I love him.  I just want to AGAIN wish him the most happiest and blessed birthday.  And though distance could not let me give him a huge hug I will soon be home and give him twice as many.  He is my first my love, my protector, my guide and the man I looked up to ever since I had sense of knowledge.  And when I decided to give marriage a try one more time I looked at all the qualities that my dad had towards my mom, his children and his parents and that’s what I wanted in a man.  Thank God I found him; and thank God for the best father any girl can have.

The tool cake since he's 
Contractor from my nephew

Making his wish

My Three Men 
(Dad, Nephew & the Hubs) 

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Fayetteville, NC (Fort Bragg, NC)

I have been living in Fayetteville for almost 2 years, and although at the beginning I considered it a total depression to live in, I can say that I found a little bit of love for this place.  I found a great job and lately I have been discovering my favorite spots.  Before I begin let me say that Fayetteville, NC is a small town (the only big part would be Fort Bragg which is the base); so being a small town there is not much to do.

So for those ladies that their spouse might be getting stationed at Fort Bragg, or for those that are new to Fayetteville or simply just are passing by I would love to share a list of all my favorite local restaurants, and places that I enjoy going. 

Amusement & Museums

Cameo Art House - This is a small theater and it only has about two or three movies.  But you can indulge in some drinks like beer and wine and enjoy it while watching your movie. 

Airborne and Special Operations Museum - From the displays outside the museum, walking through the historical path of airborne and special ops engagements, this place is just amazing.  You are able to tour the wars chronologically where you will find lots of pictures to see, things to read, and really cool replicas as well as plenty of actual equipment to look at! There is a simulator there that is supposed to simulate taking off and jumping out of a helicopter.  There is also a gift shop with lots of goodies available. They have some sort of simulator on site as well.  Best part it is free.

ZipQuest Waterfall Treetop Adventure - You can do a day time or night time tour and believe me both are amazing. Price is totally worth it.


Marquis Market - Great for breakfast and brunch one of the best tasting sandwiches I have eating so far. They are dedicated in finding and bringing to market the most exciting, authentic, and delicious  coffees in the world.  I am in love with there coffees and teas.

Marybill’s Cafe & Elbow Room - Wonderful establishment for breakfast and brunch, service was excellent, food was very good.  The restaurant is on the corner of the building, therefore it’s a little difficult to find.

Habana Cuban Restaurant - I went in to grab lunch with some girlfriends and had “Ropa Vieja”. OMG I was impressed with the small intimate spot. Very clean restaurant and the staff extremely friendly.
Luigi’s - Luigi's peppercorn steak is to die for. Add a side order of linguine with alfredo sauce, a salad, bread with olive oil and a nice bottle of merlot and you have the perfect meal. One of my favorite meals in Fayetteville if not my favorite. Makes me hungry just writing about it.

SakuraRestaurant - Although it is not situated in a centric location it’s by far my favorite place to eat sushi.  You have the most friendliest people working there.  

Caribbean Restaurant – When I first moved here I was bummed because there was no Puerto Rican restaurant and when my husband a couple of months ago called me excited letting me know there was actually one in Fayetteville I was eager to try it out.  I missed a well done mofongo and when I ate mine I felt as if I was in Puerto Rico.  Tastey authentic food with the most friendliest people working there.

Circa 1800 – Located in the downtown area of Fayetteville. The parking situation isn't great but the atmosphere and food make up for that.

La Fogata - It’s a Colombian restaurant located at McPherson Road.  I tried it once with my friend Danielle.  I’m not Colombian therefore I found the food very good, but some of my Colombian friends don’t think the same.  But if you’re interested in trying something Hispanic I would recommend it.

El Salvador Restaurant - The name is self explanatory, its Salvadorian food and once again me being Puerto Rican I totally loved it.  There pupusas are delish.


Luigi’s - As far as restaurants go in Fayetteville, Luigi's has the best wine selection in town and will often carry bottles you wouldn't find in ABC or Harris Teeter.  They require that all of their waiters and bartenders attend a wine course so they can have a baseline palette that they encourage them to continue to develop.  Bottom line is that even their bus boys can deftly pair your meal with a great wine.

MAC’s Speed Shop - Great sports pub environment even though it is listed as a "biker bar."  Great place for a beer, a quick bite, and great atmosphere. And for those that don't like beer, they have a great selection of liquor and wine. 

Huske Hardware House - Beer selection is awesome.  During the day you can have lunch in the weekends it is more of a sports bar atmosphere. 

Bubba’s 33 - My favorite sports bar/ restaurant in Fayetteville. Lots of TVs and good music. Large bar area. The burgers & pizzas are super yummy! They have a great selection of beer in draft and bottled.

There are so many different restaurants that are still on my list for tryouts. 


Club Barcelona Club Barcelona is BEAUTIFUL. Super spacious and classy decor you wouldn't expect. Unfortunately it doesn't get full unless there is some type of events.  When events are held it is very good to go.  And from what I've heard Halloween parties are the best in this club.

Club Hella’s - Great place to shake your body. From English to Spanish music including bachata.  What else would a Hispanic want.  Although it’s not located in Fayetteville directly it’s approximately 15 minutes away in Hope Mills, NC.

Cadillac Ranch - This place hasn't gotten good enough reviews on here. The staff here is extremely friendly and I have a great time every time I visit this place. The dance floor is a great place to have fun if you're brave enough. For anyone who is nervous to dance, there are plenty of friendly people who don't mind teaching.

For New Military Wives

Shopping Mall
Unfortunately there is only one mall and it would be Cross Creek Mall (although they are making it bigger) but they are located on nearby cities. 

Beauty Salon

I tried a few places but in my opinion the best beauty salon would be this family owned Dominican Beauty Salon called Yoky Dominican Doobie Unisex Salon located at 106 Broadfoot Ave and believe me she will leave your hair, shiny and straighter than straight. 

On Post Gyms 

1. Tucker Gym  Located off Ardennes Rd, behind the Airborne PX.  It’s basically a CrossFit gym, they also have a separate room that carries regular gym equipment (but it’s not that big).

2. Frederick  Located off Gruber Rd. Just like Tucker. (From these two I prefer Tucker)

Running Trails
I haven’t been to any of these two, but they were recommended by many people:

1. If you have access to enter the base, the trail that runs the entire flight line on Pope Airfield. It’s exactly 6 miles.

2. Cape Fear River Trail:  It’s an 8 miles track, it’s located near Methodist University, off Ramsey St. They say to be careful if you’re going to run at nights, and during the day it tends to get backed with other people.

North Carolina is a very big state but I'm just focusing on Fayetteville since like I said it's where I have been for almost two years.  There is so much more to see, but these are my favorite places to go.  I hope it helps for those visiting this small "Military" town.  

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