Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back At 2014

Starting a New Year gives us an opportunity to be a better person, set new goals and it’s a fresh start to everything (in my opinion).  Although 2014 could have been a better year to us I’m more than eager to see what 2015 has.   Here’s a rerun of 2014:

We celebrated 2014 with our families in Puerto Rico.  January was the beginning of our infertility treatment.  We began with orientations and lots of blood work. 

February was a quiet month for us.

This was another quiet month which led me to baking for the first time some French Macaroons and they turned out to be delicious.  

Hubs got promoted to Sergeant.  

I had the craziest idea of cutting my hair short.  Too short in my opinion but thank God it has grown out little by little.

One of the most saddest months I have experienced.  After my first IUI and an excruciating 2ww I had a BFN.  I have to thank my hubs because although we were both sad he had taken me to Myrtle Beach on a marriage retreat and a mini vacation which had helped us both during those days.

My sister and nephew came to visit me and we made a road trip all the way to Florida and we took them to Walt Disney.  We also had my second IUI.

August was another sad month for us.  We traveled to Puerto Rico for the baptism of my Goddaughter Zoe.  We also shared with my family which I was somewhat happy for.  I had my second IUI and my second BFN; one thing I was grateful for was having my mom to cry with and then J left to Fort Huachuca for his new MOS.

This sexy mamacita here is one of my best friends and she traveled and stood with me for two weeks.  

I sang Happy Birthday to my mother via FaceTime (thank God for technology).

Celebrated my bff's birthday in Raleigh, NC.  We had such an amazing time.  Thanksgiving was a little hectic for me since I worked during Black Friday.  

The best month so far.  Hubs graduated from his new MOS, we finally reunited and I had the opportunity to spend Christmas with my beautiful cousin.  

I want to thank all my readers, followers, family and friends and wish you all a blessed upcoming New Year.  Thank you for reading my posts, all who knows me, knows the meaning of documenting my life.  It’s not to brag about my life it’s to document every happiness and sadness for when the time comes and God blesses us with a child; they will know more about their parents and how we got blessed with them in our life.  

So once again to all Happy New Year 2015.  

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Fort Benning, GA

Although I did not spend Christmas with J or with my parents in Puerto Rico I have to admit that this was one of the most memorable Christmas’ for me. 

On Christmas Eve I drove approximately 9 hours between traffic and stops from Fort Bragg, NC to Fort Benning in Georgia.  Once I got there I had dinner and changed into PJ’s since it’s a custom in my cousin’s family (which by the way I love this Christmas tradition idea). 

Christmas Day we opened our presents and watched television all day, played Pictionary and let’s be honest we had all kinds of shots and drinks.
My Christmas gifts (Top Picture from my hubs Bottom Picture from my cousin & her family)

One of my favorite gifts from my cousin she says its because I will be in a new adventure in Italy. 

 Playing Pictionary 

The kids

The remaining days I just spent them resting and with cousin at her job.  It was a short mini vacation but I had one of the best times. Driving back to NC was much easier.  I had rested enough not to feel drowsy. 

Today I’m working and getting ready to pick the hubs tomorrow from his trip to Puerto Rico.  These remaining weeks will be the hardest since I have to leave everything set for our big move.  In the meantime I’m looking forward for this New Years Eve.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!!!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas Eve

(It's not snowing here in NC but I just wish I was in Puerto Rico right now)

I cannot believe it is already Christmas Eve.  Today is our Christmas Luncheon at my job and when it ends I’m going to pick up Knela and start driving to Georgia.  I’ll be spending Christmas and the whole weekend in my cousin’s house.  This is my first Christmas that I will not spend with my husband since he is visiting his family in Puerto Rico.  And oh how I wish I was in Puerto Rico right now.  All the food and the festivities it's just amazing.   

Most likely I will be arriving at my cousin's tonight and will be having dinner with her and her family.  I’m definitely looking forward to Christmas Day since we will be all day in our PJ’s opening presents and watching movies.  On the 26th we will celebrate her son’s birthday and we are also going to a Christmas Light Show, Saturday I’ll be meeting up with some friends and Sunday I’ll be driving back home.

Wishing you all an amazing and blessed Christmas and may the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ bring you all an infinite of blessings!
And to my ttc ladies I pray that we get our miracle soon!!!
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Monday, December 22, 2014

My Unforgettable Weekend

As you all know J was suppose to come this past weekend. His story was that he was driving with one of his friends from Arizona and he would let me know three hours ahead so that I can start driving and pick him up in Virginia.  But he sure did fool me!!!

On Friday after work I spent it cleaning and doing laundry. On Saturday I spent the morning at the dealership charging his battery (that I killed because I didn't warm his car... yes lesson learned).  Then I began to dye my hair and blow dry it.  I would text hubs "where you at" and after 3 hours he answered "we are in Arkansas".  So here I am taking things slow, bathed Knela and then I decided to get ready because I knew at some point he was going to let me know when to leave the house.  

Top: Express | Watch: Michael Kors | Iphone 6 Cover: Kate Spade

So after being ready for almost an hour and no calls what so ever all of a sudden the door bell rings; and there he was.  My man crush everyday, my husband, my best friend and my partner in crime.  

Knela's red "cheek" is my lip

I know this was no deployments and that a deployment is way harder than just four simple months of school, but I sure did miss him.  

I just want to thank you for following our journey, and for your messages.  

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Friday, December 19, 2014

5 on Fri-Yay

Yes!!! It's finally FriYay!!! And I am more than excited. Here are my five things making me happy!!!

[ONE] Hubby is graduating today from his new MOS.  His new position now will be Intelligence Analyst (35F) and I’m beyond proud for him and his new journey. 

[TWO] I get my hubs back in less than 30 hours.  What more exciting than this.  Almost 5 months wasn’t easy at all.

 [THREE] I’m spending Christmas with one of my favorite cousins “Cat” yes I call her “Cat”.  Unfortunately hubs will spend Christmas in Puerto Rico with his mother since he won’t see her for three years and since I’m going to Puerto Rico towards the end of January to be with my family I decided to spend it in Georgia with my cousin so that he can have mother/son time. 

[FOUR] As I’ve said before I have been truly blessed at my actual job and I’m so sad that I have to resign.  But that’s military life.  But I’m so happy that they gave me an opportunity to refer someone and they gave her the job. 

[FIVE] I got my flight ticket and my visa and passport so Italy here we come!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Monday, December 8, 2014


I decided to link up for the first time with Biana from B Loved Boston for my weekend recap!!!

Friday -  I worked at both of my jobs so once I got off I went straight home played with Knela and then went to bed because I knew I had a long day on Saturday. 
Sorry for the blur this was actually a video
Saturday - I worked at the store and once I got off, I went home to get ready for my Christmas Dinner.  I had a great time with my co workers in what I can say will be one of my last activities with the Company and it was a nice dinner.  

Our appetizers 

Top: Express | Skirt: Express | Shoes: Nine West | Watch: Michael Kors

After the Christmas Dinner was over I changed to jeans and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet with my dearest Jules for some drinks.

Sunday - Was work day/rest day.  I also made a checklist on whats left to do for when hubby gets home.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a blessed upcoming week.  
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