Sunday, May 10, 2015

Our Journey Begins

(Please ignore my nails)

Let me start by saying Happy Mother's Day to all my lovelies!!!  Today was a day that I woke up wondering, analyzing, and praying hard for answers.  Hubby has been gone for 2 weeks so today I decided to get dressed and go have lunch in my favorite spot where we live in the company of my Lord.  At first I felt awkward because the restaurant was full and everyone was accompanied.  Then I began to talk to myself and enjoy my own company.  

And after much consideration and although it will not be as soon as I hoped it would be; we finally decided on where and when we will start with our first IVF Journey.  God has blessed me with amazing people I have met in Italy that have been orientating me in regards to Infertility Clinics.  And although it will not be here in Italy (it will be in Czech Republic) we got some answers to our prayers.  

We both got ecstatic when we received information of the Clinic and we wanted to jump right into our journey.  But we both know that RIGHT NOW it's not the time.  And although I've been almost 10 months on hold with our TTC journey and although I've been dying to commence our treatment I know for a fact that there are some things that I have to take care first before we begin with IVF such as...  

Since our move to Italy we have not made good use with our money.  From restaurants, to shoes, and traveling it's been a lot of money that we have spent and unfortunately in things we certainly did not need.  So now we have decided to deposit biweekly in our IVF savings account.  And after talking everything through we know we will be able to do a complete cycle between September - December.

I've always been talking about how I'm going to lose weight or how "every Monday I'm starting my diet" but in reality I never do anything.  So this time I decided that I will make an effort to actually exercise and diet and lose the amount of weight I need to lose.  In these past two months I've eaten more pizza and pasta than I would have eaten in a year. And I'm not being exaggerated here.  Between lunch and dinner oh and lets not forget the coffee with a Croissant filled with Nutella I've been gaining more weight than ever.  My weight at this moment is not even what I was three years ago.  So now my goal is to be at 130 lbs. before we  start with IVF.  Therefore I need to lose  26.5 lbs.

So I've decided to do  a three week detox of no carbohydrates or sweets other than the ones in my veggies and fruits.  And a strict routine of Hiit Workout.  After these three weeks I will continue with my diet but I will have one cheat day.  It seems hard but knowing that I will have my miracle baby some day in my arms will help me keep this plan.  So today was my last day of unhealthy eating and tomorrow begins my new journey.  Lets say good bye for now to these wonderful meals.

I've been praying for changes in our life and every year I declare it will be my year.  This year I'm not declaring it, this year I'm letting God manifest His love for me in His own way.  I know that the tears I've cried of sorrow will become tears of joy in our near future. 

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Michelangelo's Sculpture of David and his other works

During my friends visit as mentioned on my Rome post we did several road trips around Italy.  One of our stops was Florence.  And although we did not have a change to admire Florence beauty as we desired we did make it to the Academia Gallery.  This museum has most of Michelangelo's Sculptures. All of his work was pure perfection.

But the one that kept me mesmerized was  the Sculpture of David.  The detail of this sculpture is just perfect.  

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Walk In Rome

Hello lovely's... I know I've been in an extreme MIA mode.  Have you ever been lost in mind?  Well I've been literally lost and wondering what to write.  Lately I've been wondering weather if I should incline myself in posting more of travel, faith, infertility, fashion or military.  But while praying and meditating on it I have decided in writing about everything.  So I'm going to try and post as often as possible and it will be a diversity of topics.  

During my friend Belinda's visit we decided to do several road trips and our first stop was Rome.  We got to walk around go into the Colosseum, the Ancient City and received a beautiful word from the Pope. 

Without further ado here is a glimpse of Rome.

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