Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saying Good Bye

Last Friday (November 16, 2012) I gathered my nearest friends since Elementary School at "Tano's Chinchorro" >> which by the way it's a cool spot to hang around if your near Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.  Anyway, the people in these pictures have been and will always be in my life since 4th Grade.  This is just part of my farewell parties... More pictures to come soon!

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. 

These two girls have been there since a lifetime. 

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.

Who ever said you can't have a true friendship with the opposite sex is so wrong. Here's my best friend, my confident, my advisor, the man that has never failed our friendship.  A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.
The hardest part of any friendship is when it's time to say goodbye. As much as we might like things to stay the same, change is an inevitable part of life. The universe may seem huge and the rift between friends on opposite side of the world may seem a great distance. There are many tools available with which we can communicate, but even without these tools there is a secret that only real friends know, and it is this. All the mountains and valleys in the world cannot separate friends whose hearts are as one.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Puerto Rico My Isla Bonita

I only have approximately one more month in my beautiful island and with my family before I begin my journey as a married woman and join the so called military life, which don't get me wrong I'm very proud of all the soldiers specially my husband, my sexy man.  But it's kind of scary as well, anyway, coming back to the topic for all of you that has never visited the small little island of Puerto Rico I want to show you how beautiful, peaceful and exciting it can be to come visit us. 

Castillo San Felipe del Morro (El Morro)

El Morro (“The Promontory”) is perhaps the most famous historic structure in Puerto Rico. Begun in 1539, the mighty fortress was built on a narrow point overlooking the San Juan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It would prove a formidable stronghold, successfully repelling every naval attack on the city. In fact, El Morro fell only once, in 1598, to a land assault by British soldiers under the command of the Earl of Cumberland. Today, El Morro and its sister fort, Castillo San Cristóbal, are National Historic Sites and the oldest European constructions in the U.S. National Park Service. You can visit the venerable fort, walk among its ramparts, explore its dungeons, and imagine, for an instance, the rigors of colonial life in the 16th century.
Castillo Serrallés

Castillo Serrallés, in Ponce, was the one-time home of the Don Q rum family. A magnificent example of the opulence and lavish lifestyle of turn-of-the-century aristocracy in the south of Puerto Rico, Castillo Serrallés is today a lovingly restored museum and showcase.
La Cueva del Indio

Yeah this is me on the top where I had the most amazing experience and the most beautiful view!

La Cueva del Indio is said to contain the largest number of petroglyphs found along the coastal zone.
El Yunque

It's pretty cold yet good place to visit.

So there you go and this is just a few things I've included because there are so many other amazing places to visit in Puerto Rico.  So if you ever have a chance take a trip and you'll be amazed. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Welcome to A Life Without Mofongo!!!

Warning: I can guarantee that you will understand the connection between the word “mofongo” in the title and the fact that this is a blog. But, only if you start by the beginning...

What is a mofongo? It’s a traditional Puerto Rican dish made from green plantain. The plantain is fried and then mashed to create the perfect consistency so that it can be molded in different shapes and can be stuffed with seafood, chicken and/or meat!

And well, I decided to represent my culture with mofongo. 
I'm recently moving to Fayetteville, North Carolina to live with my husband which is an active United States Army Soldier for Fort Bragg. Accompany me during this new phase of my life where I get ready to live a life without mofongo.