Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas Eve

(It's not snowing here in NC but I just wish I was in Puerto Rico right now)

I cannot believe it is already Christmas Eve.  Today is our Christmas Luncheon at my job and when it ends I’m going to pick up Knela and start driving to Georgia.  I’ll be spending Christmas and the whole weekend in my cousin’s house.  This is my first Christmas that I will not spend with my husband since he is visiting his family in Puerto Rico.  And oh how I wish I was in Puerto Rico right now.  All the food and the festivities it's just amazing.   

Most likely I will be arriving at my cousin's tonight and will be having dinner with her and her family.  I’m definitely looking forward to Christmas Day since we will be all day in our PJ’s opening presents and watching movies.  On the 26th we will celebrate her son’s birthday and we are also going to a Christmas Light Show, Saturday I’ll be meeting up with some friends and Sunday I’ll be driving back home.

Wishing you all an amazing and blessed Christmas and may the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ bring you all an infinite of blessings!
And to my ttc ladies I pray that we get our miracle soon!!!
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  1. Hope you enjoyed your time in Georgia and had a fabulous Christmas!