Friday, December 19, 2014

5 on Fri-Yay

Yes!!! It's finally FriYay!!! And I am more than excited. Here are my five things making me happy!!!

[ONE] Hubby is graduating today from his new MOS.  His new position now will be Intelligence Analyst (35F) and I’m beyond proud for him and his new journey. 

[TWO] I get my hubs back in less than 30 hours.  What more exciting than this.  Almost 5 months wasn’t easy at all.

 [THREE] I’m spending Christmas with one of my favorite cousins “Cat” yes I call her “Cat”.  Unfortunately hubs will spend Christmas in Puerto Rico with his mother since he won’t see her for three years and since I’m going to Puerto Rico towards the end of January to be with my family I decided to spend it in Georgia with my cousin so that he can have mother/son time. 

[FOUR] As I’ve said before I have been truly blessed at my actual job and I’m so sad that I have to resign.  But that’s military life.  But I’m so happy that they gave me an opportunity to refer someone and they gave her the job. 

[FIVE] I got my flight ticket and my visa and passport so Italy here we come!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. So many exciting things going on for you! Some of our friends PCSed to Italy after they left Huachuca, and their pictures are just stunning! Can't wait to follow your adventures!

  2. What a fabulous Friday!! So happy hubby is home and so happy that you guys are all set for Italy! Back to baby making soon I hope?! Don't they say infertility treatments and IVF are a lot cheaper abroad?? Have a great weekend with your husband!