Monday, December 1, 2014

4 Months Bucket List Update


December… This separation from my bae is slowly, but surely coming to a close.

I can start by saying that I’m a trooper; I made it to four months on my own, no family near me, no roommates just me, myself & Knela (can’t leave my furbaby out).  Although these past couple of months has been full of unnecessary inconveniences; like the tire of my car ending up with a huge hole, my upstairs neighbor acting like two fools throwing stuff down the balcony, having two jobs and the stress of organizing everything for our move to a new duty station. 

The past couple of weeks I have been dedicated to preparing his arrival. Although we will not be sharing as much since hubs will be in Puerto Rico to visit his mother; then he returns to NC for a couple of days since he'll be leaving in the beginning of January to his new duty station; I will try and make it the best time ever.  So I went to the mall and got him his Christmas present, and I even got some sexy ornaments for me lol.

Overall, I accomplished a lot and to review my 4 Months Bucket List:

Begin working on our PCS Checklist
Eat Healthy
Get a part time job (I got rehired at Express on September 2)
Girls Night Out with the girls 
Go to Church
Go to Puerto Rico in December (I'm going in February)
Go to the Movies Alone 
Grow My Blog
Hiking at Cape Fear River Trail
Photography Lessons
Road trip to Georgia (God willing I'll be in Georgia for Christmas)
Road trip to Virginia
Surprise hubs for Thanksgiving Day (if it’s possible)
Take Knela to the dog park
Try a new restaurant

Reviewing my November goals:

Do an all house cleanup
Continue shopping for Christmas gifts
Bake pumpkin macaroons
Healthy Eating
Celebrate Friendsgiving
Exercise at least 2x a week
No eating out

I wasn't able to finish my bucket list and November Goals, but I crossed off most of the things and what makes me happy is that I'm happy with my fitness and weight loss progress! And the fact that this bucket list kept me busy I can say it truly fulfilled its purpose.

Thank you to my blogging friends who read and supported me. So excited that soon I’ll go back to blogging about the adventures of the hubs and I in our soon to be home and pick up on our TTC journey.  
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  1. Umm... we need to see those sexy ornaments nena!

  2. Even on check off the bucket list is an accomplishment, you go girl!! And being away from your love his hard. so again, you go girl!

  3. sounds like a great bucket list! and hope you have fun in Puerto Rico!

  4. Nice, I can't wait for you to come and visit Georgia. We can finally meet. :)