Monday, December 22, 2014

My Unforgettable Weekend

As you all know J was suppose to come this past weekend. His story was that he was driving with one of his friends from Arizona and he would let me know three hours ahead so that I can start driving and pick him up in Virginia.  But he sure did fool me!!!

On Friday after work I spent it cleaning and doing laundry. On Saturday I spent the morning at the dealership charging his battery (that I killed because I didn't warm his car... yes lesson learned).  Then I began to dye my hair and blow dry it.  I would text hubs "where you at" and after 3 hours he answered "we are in Arkansas".  So here I am taking things slow, bathed Knela and then I decided to get ready because I knew at some point he was going to let me know when to leave the house.  

Top: Express | Watch: Michael Kors | Iphone 6 Cover: Kate Spade

So after being ready for almost an hour and no calls what so ever all of a sudden the door bell rings; and there he was.  My man crush everyday, my husband, my best friend and my partner in crime.  

Knela's red "cheek" is my lip

I know this was no deployments and that a deployment is way harder than just four simple months of school, but I sure did miss him.  

I just want to thank you for following our journey, and for your messages.  

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