Thursday, December 4, 2014

We Are Moving Too...

On May we had found out where we would be stationed for three years once my husband graduated from his new MOS.  We decided not to say anything publicly 1. because we had to wait for him to graduate and 2. because the military can change our orders at any time.  

I've never seen the hubs so excited; he'l like a kid with a new toy.  On the other hand I have mixed feelings.  Of course I'm excited for the fact that I have never been overseas and it has been on my bucket list for quite some time; but just knowing I will be even more farther from my family and for 3 years, it is killing me.  I have repeatedly said that I am a family person and let’s face it mom & dad aren't growing any younger.  If my hubs would not have changed his MOS he could have decided where (if available) to be stationed.  But since he’s changing it’s the Army who decides for us.  And so I have seen the positive side of all this since it’s not every day that I will get to have an adventure like this.  

I see this trip as an opportunity to see new cultures and new things; so when I found out I jumped online and searched Vicenza and its surroundings.  

I mean look at these amazing pictures

I also found out that IVF is actually less expensive overseas than in the United States.  So this is very comforting and hopeful for us.  

I can now say that I cannot be more excited!  We will have so many places to discover such as Germany, France, Spain, Greece, and who knows even Egypt.  And who ever knew… learning Italian is not as bad as I thought 
(it’s almost similar to Spanish which is my main language).  

My moving to do list is huge especially because this is my first time as a military spouse organizing and doing everything while he is still in school. But I’m having fun and I am grateful that I have friends helping me through all of this.  

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  1. Oh my goodness!! So cool! We want to be stationed in Europe so badly! What an amazing opportunity! I cannot wait to keep following your adventures over there!

  2. How exciting! Good luck getting everything organized