Friday, July 18, 2014

My Sister & Nephew Are Coming

One word can describe me today and that would be EXCITED

 Tonight I will be picking up my sister and nephew.  I haven't seen them since December 
when I went to Puerto Rico on vacations. 
 I have so many things planned for them to have the most 
amazing and unforgettable time here in North Carolina. 


This is how our relationship may be described

And this is my little munchkin and the definition of us lol in my eyes.

Have a safe and fun weekend my loves!!!

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  1. Have so much fun with your family!

  2. How exciting!! Have fun with your family!! xoxo

  3. Haha I just commented back to your old email, and now I'm like "Wait a minute, I've already commented on your blog before!" I don't always connect the dots :) Yay for family coming in town! We have a friend who is practically family coming this week, and we are so excited!

  4. Hi Mel! Hope your time with your family was amazing! Looking forward to hearing all about it!