Thursday, July 17, 2014


Venus Trapped in Mars
I decided to participate in the link-up created by Helene @ Helene In Between and Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars.  I’ve seen so many posts and I find it so fun that well here I am it’s short so enjoy lol:

Favorite Food – Sushi I can live with this forever. 

Favorite Song – Infieles by Romeo Santos it’s the swing of this bachata; I love dancing and singing but this song it’s an oldie but a goodie from the rythim, the video the singer EVERYTHING.

Favorite Hangout Place – It use to be CafĂ© La Plage in Puerto Rico; this place is right next to the beach, it has beds in the sand, white leather sofas to sit, perfect music, best drinks.  Best part is all the memories with the best friends. 

Favorite Hobby – Everything that includes water (beach, pool, snorkeling, surfing, etc.)

Favorite Flower – Who ever knows me well, actually knows I don’t like flowers.  My opinion and please do not get offended I feel as if flowers were for those who pass away.  But one flower I will always and forever love would be the Sunflowers.

Favorite Moment – Our wedding day; we went downtown to the court for information after we filled out everything the lady takes us and our witness to this courtroom and tells us stand here and there it was we were married in t-shirts and jeans. 

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  1. Sushi hands down for me too. Why is it the best, ever?

  2. Love all the pics!!! I'm not real big on flowers either. I love orchids and peonies, but I don't mind if Joe doesn't buy me flowers and get me candy instead! ;-)

  3. I love all of these but I am definitely a flower lover. so fun that you two just went straight down the courthouse, love how intimate that is.

  4. My wedding day is my top 3 favorite days! It would be the first, but when he comes home from a dangerous deployment or training, those days turn out to be the best too! I can see how flowers can signify sad situations, but I can't help but love to look at them!