Tuesday, March 10, 2015

La Vita È Un Sogno

It's been a week today since my arrival to Italy.  Between recuperating from the difference in time and all the paperworks I've been doing (medical insurance, soggiorno, etc.) I haven't been able to keep up with ya'll or with my blog.  Back when I was in Fort Bragg and we were preparing for this big move I thought I had everything handled; I even had prepared this cute little binder with all the paperworks and important documents.  To learn later on that I had much more to do here in Italy.  

My thoughts on living overseas?  One word can describe it... WOW!!! I mean the culture, the language and fashion, it's just amazing and I am in complete awe.  Although I can't say that I will be use to living so far and I also still have tons of things to do since my furniture has not yet arrived and in the transition of finding a job; I have taken time to just mesmerize myself with the structures and beauty Italy has.  

 I had to include my love here

And lets not forget about the food... AND WINE

Gelatos, pastas, pizza, you name it everything taste so different.  There cheese and meats are just so different from the States.  Oh!!! Lets talk about coffee; and to think that I was addicted to Starbucks.  Cappuccinos here are to die for.  The wine being that is made here are so much more affordable than in the States (I'll be posting on wine).  The only thing I consider that tastes different is the Coca Cola. For an addict of Coca Cola I can say I will not be drinking any in these 3 years but who cares when I have all these different wines to try out lol.

I'm in hopes of buying a bicycle since its what everyone here uses to go from place to place plus it seems fun.  And if your wondering where the hell is Knela; well she's perfectly fine and enjoying here new home.  
She has traveled more than I have
And he still doesn't stop surprising!!! Thank God he's been patient with me in every way and his love for me grows more just as much as I love him.

See you soon!!!

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  1. Wow! Italy seems so great! I would love to live in Italy one day. I hope your transition gets a little easier, and I hope you enjoy life there!