Friday, October 25, 2013

FIVE on Friday

One - For quite some time I have been obsessing with Pandora Jewelry I'm almost done with my first bracelet and I'm thinking in getting number two ASAP.

TWO - I started working part time at Express Clothing Stores and I'm loving there jeans, sweaters and dresses.  Thank God for the 30% off lol

THREE - You might not know but my first year anniversary was November 7 and well I'm trying to complete with pictures of this who year a beautiful anniversary book at Shutterfly.  Which I'm obsessed as well with there cards.  I'm thinking of making one of hubster, Knela (my baby poodle) and I.

FOUR - My vacation is one of the things that has been on my mind ever since I moved and finally I'll be visiting my family in Puerto Rico

FIVE - And finally Hunter Boots, God how I've been wanting one hopefully in two more weeks I'll be getting these babies!!! 

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