Monday, December 2, 2013

Bucket List

For some reason every every November I start doing my Resolution List.  This year 2013 was a good year for me; between marriage, moving and a good job I can say I accomplished a 65% of my goals [2013 New Years Resolution Review] .  This year I have decided to do something different.  I have created my own Bucket List that will last more than a year I’M SURE OF THAT lol.  So I have divided my Bucket List in different Categories and this is with what I came up with:

John 10:10 “…I have come that you may have life, and live it to the fullest.”

1. Acupuncture 
2. Be debt free
3. Bungee Jump
4. Carve a pumpkin
5. Carve our names in a tree (yes I'm like a child lol)
6. Celebrate our fifth year anniversary 
7. Complete 5 furniture make over
8. Decorate my apartment
9. Dedicate time to my friends
10. Do a body cleanse (3 Day Juicing) 
11. Do a charity work
12. Donate clothing (Some of our clothing was donated to Dominican Republic)
13. Donate toys to the children
14. Eat a raw diet
15. Eat less meat (time to become a veggie) (Only been eating fish since Sept 2015)
16. Establish a family tradition 
17. Exercise more
18. Fill a journal with prayers
19. Fly first class
20. Fly in a hot air balloon
21. Get a degree
22. Get a professional body massage
23. Get married by Church
24. Give Blood (if I'm ever aloud too)
25. Go on a cruise with the hubster
26. Go on a Safari
27. Go on a spontaneous road trip
28. Go on an international mission trip (for longer than a week)
29. Go Parasailing with Husband
30. Go sailing
31. Go to a basketball game
32. Go to a Drive-In
33. Go to an aquarium
34. Go to church more often
35. Go to Disneyland with Husband
36. Go to Europe and several other countries  
37. Go to Israel
38. Go to the theaters on my own
39. Go to the World Cup
40. Have a baby (Prayers Please)
41. Have a wine collection
42. Have drinks at an ice bar
43. Have my portrait (Boudoir)
44. Have our portrait painted
45. Helicopter Ride
46. Hold a monkey
47. Host a dinner
48. Indoor Skydive
49. Kiss in the rain
50. Learn Italian
51. Learn to play an instrument
52. Lose 15-20 pounds
53. Make a flower arrangement
54. Make a handmade greeting card
55. Make ice cream 
55. Map places we've been too
56. Master a new language
57. Meet someone famous
58. Milk a Cow
59. Move to a gated community
60. Name a Star
61. Own a fabulous pair of designer shoes
62. Own a home
63. Own a pair of Tory Burch sandals/flats
64. Paddle-board
65. Permanent Administrative Position (I have to thank God He listened to my prayers)
66. Photography Lessons
67. Pick fruits from a tree
68. Plan a girls night out
69. Plan date nights with my hubster
70. Put my blog pretty Thanks to Victoria 
71. Read the Bible & Pray more
72. Ride a mechanical bull
73. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
74. Rock Climbing
75. Run a Half Marathon
76. Sail on a Boat
77. See a Broadway show
78. See a Las Vegas Show
79. Send a message in a bottle
80. Send someone anonymous gifts
81. Set up an emergency fund
82. Shooting Range
83. Sit front roll at a fashion show
84. Snow Tubing
85. Snowboarding with Husband
86. Spend a day at a resort spa
87. Sponsor a child
88. Stand under a waterfall
89. Start a charity
90. Start my own business
91. Stay in an underwater hotel
92. Swim with dolphins
93. Take a road trip on my own
94. Take poll dance classes
95. Touch a pyramid (Mexico)
96. Tour a lighthouse 
97. Tour a vineyard
98. Try 5 New Restaurants in our area
99. Visit 5 new States
100. Visit a Buddhist Temple
101. Visit a ghost town
102. Visit Paris 
103. Volunteer work
104. Walk for Breast Cancer (October)
105. Walk on a nude beach
106. Watch a sunrise 
107. Whitewater Raft
108. Write my life story (I think it's what I'm doing with my blog)
119. Yoga
110. Zip Line Ride
111. Zombie Escape Run 

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  1. Great goals my friend. I know you can do them all!

  2. Making a bucket list rather than resolution is a wise move. Because there are really some goals that require longer time to accomplish, like being debt-free and building a business. So if 2013 was a good year for you, 2014 will definitely be productive and wonderful, as well as all the years to come. Good luck!

    Charlena Leonard @ WeidnerLaw

  3. You just need to get stationed in Europe and you'll cross a lot of these goals off :)