Thursday, December 19, 2013

FAQ: Why Do I Write My Personal Situations On The Web

I have several people asking me why do I blog, why do I put my personal situations and pictures on the web. Some say that it’s not good to let the whole world know when I’m suffering or when I’m happy.  Well here is the answer:

For starters I love writing, everybody knows that.  When I was in my teenage years I use to write poetry and I had a diary.  And at times when I’m happy or sad about any situation in particular I tend to write in my Notes App on my Iphone.  So when it was time to move from Puerto Rico, I knew I would have so much time in my hands that I wanted to use it in something.  And that’s when I created this blog. 

At the beginning it was short and meaningless (I saw it more as a public diary); but when I started having problems TTC, and I saw I was not alone in this; that there were so many woman out there with my similar situation I focused more on letting my emotions lose.  Through this blog I have met so many woman that I pray for each day and that I know that our “Miracle Baby” (that’s what I call my future baby will be in our arms sooner or later. 

So there it is I write to let go of my emotions.  

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