Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Life - Week 1

Happy New Year 2014 my lovely readers.  I hope all of you had a blast, I know I did.  I know I have been MIA, long story short I was on vacations with my family in Puerto Rico (pictures to come soon) and I'm still in Puerto Rico because mother nature decided to cancel my flight, so I'll be here til this Friday, January 10th. 

This year I decided to do a digital Project Life instead of printing out and creating an album.  Printed photograph fade within time and I want to remember everything when time passes by.  So what better place than my blog.  

Project Life consists in posting pictures of what you did weekly.

So, who ever wants to join me let me know I would love to see yours.

 Project Life Cover
January 1st - January 5th 2014

Starting clockwise you can see my husband and nephew playing video games at the theater, next we were visiting our mutual friend Carmencita, in the lower right I finally got to share with one of my bff's Qimmy, lower left my other bff during her baby shower; she's having a baby girl and guess who's the God Mother?  ME [happy face], and last pic on the top left is my sexy husband and my adorable nephew on New Years.  

 photo MelSignature_zps8dfc1870.jpg