Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on Friday

[ONE] Puerto Rico


This weekend I will finally be uploading some pictures of my vacation!

 A Street At Old San Juan

[TWO] Apartment Hunting


In a couple of months my husband is changing his MOS therefore he will be taking some classes in Arizona for an approximate of 4 to 5 months.  Unfortunately I will not be able to go with him because of my job and well let’s face it bills.  (I cannot afford to quit and besides he’s going to study not live over there); and well now we are searching for an apartment on a gated community.  Wish me luck!!!




I’ve been trying hard not to stress myself.  I’m going to be honest Clomid will have me in a very multi bipolar mood [if you know what I mean].  My OBGYN told me that since I had my last treatment in 2012 and had decided to try with natural pills, I would have to begin the process of treating infertility once again with Clomid.  So wish me luck!!!


[FOUR] Valentines


Wow!!! January hasn’t ended and all I can think about is Valentine’s Day and how can I surprise the hubs. 


[FIVE] Go Shawty It WILL be my birthday


Yayyy!!! My 34th Birthday is this Sunday.  I don’t have no plans of celebrating it, just want to stay at home nice and cozy, watching movies in my pj’s and cuddling with the hubs all day!!!

 photo MelSignature_zps8dfc1870.jpg


  1. I turned 34 in October... it's not so bad =)

    1. I'm happy with what I've achieved throughout these 34 years lol, and to be honest I feel like 23 :)

  2. I completely understand your feeling about Clomid, I am actually back on the pill right now prepping my body for follicle stimulation In a few weeks and it's got me all sorts of hormonal! Then I'll be injecting myself with Follistem and probably will become an even bigger pain in the ass! Good luck girl!!

    1. Same to you, wishing you all the luck in the world. Like I've been declaring this is our year in God name ;)

  3. Happiest early birthday to you, sweetness! Hugging you!!!! xx