Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's My 34th Birthday

I wish this was me lol

Well, today is my 34th Birthday, yes I’m 34 but I certainly don’t feel my age.
I still remember when I turned the big 30.  I was searching for so many things and I didn’t have a clue of so many painful past memories I had.  I remember reflecting and desiring a better future full of love and happiness and forgiveness. 

It took exactly one year for my life to change in so many ways.  After I turned 31, my friend introduced me to my now husband. That same year I got married and moved to North Carolina.  And at 31, I also decided to open up this blog which has been one of the best things I’ve done. 
But getting back to the big fat 3-4, I’m going to make a list of lessons I’ve learned throughout these 34 years of living and goals I have set before I turn 35.

Learned to be 100% responsible for my life – See I use to blame everybody else for things that had occurred in my life.  And throughout reflection I realized it wasn’t the people it was me for making the wrong choices. 
I am better than I think I am – I use to belittle myself, always with low self esteem; therefore no body, men or friends took me serious. 
One shot at life – Living is a gift I have to enjoy.  The past stays in the past and you can’t rewind your life.  It’s just a matter of doing things the right way.
There is no way I can avoid the tough situations – Facing infertility has been the most painful part of my life.  I’ve cried myself to sleep; I’ve gotten into huge arguments with my husband.  But I realized that only him, my close friends and my family are giving me all their support in this journey and it’s a situation I can’t avoid yet I can go through with the people I love.
Being proud of whom I am – When I first moved to Fort Bragg, I had to accept the fact that this town is full of racism.  I have been questioned so many things and I would get so angry and curse the living daylights out of so many people.  But what the heck, I’m Puerto Rico, I’m Hispanic, and I’m proud of my roots.  So it doesn’t faze me anymore. 
Life can be taken at anytime – Scary right!!! That’s why I always make sure to laugh, think, love and let the people I love know that I do love them. 
Gratitude – I thank God everyday for what I have and for what He’s bringing into my life every day.  I even thank Him for my baby that I don’t have but I know I will (naturally or adopted)

34 Goals to complete before I hit 35
  1. Go to church every Sunday
  2. Plan a surprise trip for JM
  3. Hand a map to pin places we've traveled
  4. Get a full body massage
  5. Visit 5 new states
  6. Shoot a gun
  7. Plan a Girls Night Out
  8. Commit to my fitness and health routine and incorporating yoga in it as well
  9. Loose 15-20 pounds (that’s my goal)
  10. Take a road trip on my own (this is why my hubster in AIT)
  11. Decorate our new apartment (once we move)
  12. Pay off my debt
  13. Practice and gain some photography skills (especially for my blog)
  14. Host a dinner party
  15. Try at least 5 different Foods I haven’t tried
  16. Do at least one DIY Project around the house
  17. Drink more water (this sounds simple for most people, but I’m horrible at it)
  18. Continue my path healthy eating (no sodas)
  19. No more fast foods
  20. Watch a sunrise
  21. Go to a Basketball Game
  22. Go on a girl’s trip; just friends, no children and most certainly no husbands. Just a couple of girls having tons of belly-aching laughter, jokes and memory making fun.
  23. Have our portrait painted
  24. Have acupuncture
  25. Name a star
  26. Zip Line Ride
  27. Visit a Buddhist Temple
  28. Zombie Escape Run
  29. Paddle Boarding
  30. Make handmade greeting cards
  31. Begin a budget and stick to it
  32. Send my family in Puerto Rico care packages for every Holiday
  33. Post more on my Blog
  34. Fly first class
I want to give a special thank you to my wonderful husband, my amazing family and my ttc sisters for congratulating me this morning.

It’s been a good 34 years of living I cannot complain, and I’m sure there is more to come.

What can you do for my birthday?  How about sharing this post with the share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  It’s my birthday so I can wish big lol I’m hoping to have more followers as the time goes by.  In the meantime thank you for reading!!!

Thank you!

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  1. Reaching 34 is a huge milestone. In my opinion, it means that you have another year to do something amazing, not only for yourself but to others as well. And when I reach 34, I will probably make a list just like you have. But mine will concentrate more on 3 things - pampering myself with massages, spending more time with the people I love, and getting the best out of life. Have a happy year!


  2. I agree. We don't know what life will bring us tomorrow, so it’s wise to get the best out of what we have today! And judging by your goals, you will really have an amazing year. This is quite a long list, but one trick is to start with the easier ones, like having a full body massage, posting regularly on your blog, and watching a beautiful sunrise. Anyway, have you started on it yet?

    Ervin Willis @ Main Street Massage Therapy