Monday, January 27, 2014

Meet Yesenia from Chosen: From Broken to Beautiful

On Friday night Yesy called me and we were just talking about blogging and other stuff.  And as we were talking its like God spoke to me and told me to write about her on my blog so I told her I'm going to write about you. That night after we hung up I started writing but the page stood in blank (I had no clue on how to introduce her or what to write).  As I was praying yesterday night it popped up my head just like that.  I’m not going to write her bio or her story I WANT YOU TO READ IT.  I want you to go to her page and read her story. 

So instead of writing my usual Project Life post I will introduce my dear friend Yesenia Santiago-Buisson from Chosen:From Broken to Beautiful


Yesy and I met way back in 2005 through Myspace.  It’s funny because we were both into Joann Rosario’s music and that’s how we clicked.  From that day forward we exchanged numbers and we became the best of friends.  Yesy and I have shared so many personal conversations, I mean this girl knows my whole life, my problems, my situations, everything that I went through, she knows how much I suffered and likewise I know basically her entire life as well. 

She decided to open up a blog and let the blogging world know her whole story.  A story that I know will help other people who has suffered maybe in a similar situation overcome their fears and know that they are not alone. 

So ladies and gentlemen I encourage you to please visit her webpage, read her story, and follow her.

Have a Blessed Day!!!

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  1. Thank you so much. Your support means the world to me. Love ya girl!

    1. I will always have your back mamacita Love ya too

  2. Cool with you blogger *.* <3