Saturday, January 18, 2014

My 2013 Christmas Vacation

As you all my know I've been bragging about posting my vacations pics and well finally now is the time.  So sit down and enjoy.  These pics were all taken in Puerto Rico where we shared with our families and friends, and also did some sight seeing.  Oh how I wish I could go back again, I just love my beautiful island.

My cousins and my sister on Christmas Eve

During Christmas Eve we had dinner at my Godmother's and then went dancing at one of my mom's neighbor's house.  They had it going there with salsa, merengue and bachata.

My bff on her baby shower

This woman is truly an inspiration for me.  She had two miscarriages, they had to take one of our fallopian tubes and God gave her the opportunity of becoming a mother with just one fallopian.  Miracles do happen.  And I'm blessed to be the God Mother of Zoe del Mar!

 My Daddy

This man is my protector, my guide, my everything.  My dad was my first love.  Seeing him the way he loves and devotes himself to my mother made me want to look for the perfect man in my eyes.

The hubs, my brother-in-law & mother-in-law

The hubs & I in a Yacht at Palmas del Mar

My amazing mamacita, the hubs & I

This little lady here has been my inspiration.  I always said I wanted to be exactly like her.  And at a certain point I think I am.  We love helping others, we give advices (sometimes we might be harsh giving advices but I prefer to be bold than to say something I don't mean).  She's 64 years old and still looks like her 50's; now you know why I definitely want to be just like her.

I love this picture

Crying cause I didn't want to leave her and dad
(that day our flight got cancelled)

Old San Juan (Puerto Rico)

El Morro

La Garita del Diablo

We are clowns

And this here is my adorable nephew

Now you know why I love Puerto Rico look at that beautiful Ocean

My friend Qimmy

Hardest part -- Saying good bye to these two!!!

Back in North Carolina

Out of 267 photos I only uploaded these.  Now just waiting for our next vacation :)

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