Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Acupuncture for Infertility

On my post in May I had spoken a little about beginning our IVF Journey and how we finally found the clinic we know will help us. During these past two months I have spoken to several friends that shared their infertility stories and the do’s and don’t that they thought helped them out.   

First thing they told me was to start acupuncture.  I’m going to be honest at the beginning I was like ok everybody is doing it during their IVF and I still have a couple of months before I begin.  But then these same ladies told me how they did it months before and ended up being pregnant naturally.  And since I know my medical history (PCOS) I decided to give it a try. 

How did it go?  Incredibly awesome!!!  At first I was so nervous and as I kept explaining the purpose of my visit I kept having high hopes.  And even if it doesn’t work I will continue until my IVF.  Why?  I noticed that acupuncture keeps me relaxed and stress free. The doctor was explaining each point where he placed a needle (it did not hurt at all) then he left me laying there for 30 minutes.  I think that when I was actually falling asleep that’s when the doctor came in to take the needles off. 

I had my second session on Tuesday and this time I feel asleep. I don’t know if it was how exhausted I was feeling during the day but once my session was completed I felt so much better than the first time. 

My doctor told me that he wanted to try acupuncture with me for the whole month of July so I have scheduled appointments once a week for this month.  Here’s hoping for new opportunities and praying for a baby miracle.   

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  1. Good to know my friend. Let me know how everything turns out. i need any tips aswell.

  2. I would be so nervous to try that.... I hope everything goes well!

  3. I've always been curious about acupuncture, but I had no idea it was effective for infertility. My husband and I have just started trying for a baby and I'm nervous about how it will go for us (my sisters both had infertility issues). I think this gives me more than enough reason to finally try it. Good luck to you.

    Hannah Holland @ Berkeley Community ACU