Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Casa di Giulietta

As you all know from my last post our anniversary was last Monday.  So hubs and I decided to take a small trip to Verona which is like maybe an hour away from where we live.  Verona, Italy is famous for its history on the Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.  

So we focused our trip on Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta).  Here are a couple of pictures that you might have seen in the movie Letter's to Juliet but physically experienced.  By the way if you are a hopeless romantic you must watch this movie.  But without further ado please catch a glimpse of Verona through my eyes...
Entrance to the Casa di Giulietta

 Every person writes there name and partners name in these walls.

 Statue of Juliet

It is known that touching the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet in the small courtyard will bring luck to all who are trying to find their true love.  (Hubs said he was going to touch it so that we can be parents lol).

 Juliet's balcony

 Juliet's Room

I had to stand in her balcony!

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