Friday, May 9, 2014

Missing in Action: Five on Friday

I know I haven't posted in a while.  Between work, my personal life, stress and well everything else I haven't been able to do much.  But today I decided to post my 5 on Friday so please enjoy.

[ONE] Upcoming IUI

I think this is the month I have been stressing the most (which I shouldn’t).  I’m waiting for AF to finally get here so that we can have the exact date that they will do our IUI.  So please all I need is prayers and good vibes.

Hoping This Doesn't Happen lol

[TWO] Hypothyroidism - In my Opinion

Before I had learned that I had thyroids I remember how depressed I was because I was increasing my weight so rapidly.  I still remember how bad I had constantly mood swings, I would fight all the time, I didn’t care if I hurt feelings; it was really bad.  Thank God with medication my mood swings has disappeared; not entirely but I’d say an approximate 85% (Hubs is happy, I don’t fight no more).  I swear I thought I would lose my marriage.  Now the negative part is that although I’m exercising at 5:30 am and at 7 pm every single day, and I am on a strict diet (which I break lol) I have only lost 2 pounds in one month.  Just hope once my levels are normalized my weight goes down back to my goal which is to be in 130lbs. 

 Those Mood Swings Were Killing Me

This My Torture Trying To Lose Weight!!!

[THREE] Apartment Update

We finally found our apartment in which we will be living for approximately 7 months.  Hubs already got his station duty once he graduates from his AIT but we don’t want to say anything yet because the Military can change it.  One thing I can say I am excited for some new adventures. 

Just look at this pool I get to enjoy for a few months


Oh Gosh, when my friend told me that she wanted to come visit me I was so excited.  Specially since the hubs will be in Arizona for 4 months; it is actually nice to have someone around at least for a week or two.  I haven’t seen her since December when I spent the Holidays in Puerto Rico, so this definitely will be a great catch-up.

One of my Best Friends Qimmy 

[FIVE] Mothers Day

This will be another year in which I can’t give my mom a hug and a kiss.  Last year I face timed her and I think it was more the crying that she saw than the talking.  I’m trying to be strong this year and just show her that I love her and even throughout the distance she is and forever will be the Greatest Mother God decided to give me.  And like I always tell her: “the day God gives the hubs and I our miracle baby I sure hope to do a great job as a mother, just like her”.  

Isn't she just perfect and beautiful?

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  1. Hey! So glad I bumped into your blog!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful pic of you and your mom!! Best of luck with this IUI prayers that first time is the last time!! That pool at your apartment looks amazing!! <3

  3. Prayers and good vibes coming your way girlie! We had to go with an apartment as well and honestly the feeling of living at a resort is not bad. And we can call the maintenance guys when things go wrong, it's a pretty good deal. Totally want our own home but for now this'll do. :) Found you on Baby Ridley Bumb, fellow liebsters ;)