Monday, August 25, 2014

My Weekend and True Blood Opinion

This past Friday as you all my know hubs left to Arizona; so this was my first weekend without him and needless to say it was beyond boring. Besides the fact that I was eagerly waiting for the last episode of True Blood which let me say it was disappointing.  Nothing to do with the book and I don’t know maybe I just wanted Bill and Sookie together.  At least I can say that watching these three studs was all worth it; but like I said my crush was Bill.

Weren't they worth watching?

Anyway, in order to keep myself occupied and not get as bored as I was this past weekend I decided to create my 4 month bucket list with some goals that I honestly hope to complete.  I know that this will keep me busy instead of being at home bored and depressed.  

4 Month Bucket List:

Begin working on our PCS Checklist
Return to my part time job at Express
Girls Night Out with the girls
Go to Church
Go to Puerto Rico in December
Go to the Movies Alone
Grow My Blog
Hiking at Cape Fear River Trail
Photography Lessons
Road trip to Georgia
Road trip to Virginia
Surprise hubs for Thanksgiving Day (if it’s possible)
Take Knela to the dog park
Try a new restaurant

So this is my list and I hope you follow me and enjoy my upcoming posts.
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  1. Love your blog...also a fellow true blood fan I see! ;)

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