Thursday, October 23, 2014

Let's Talk About Hair

Along the years I've had several changes with my hair – hair color and styles.  I don’t know about you but when it comes to hair I like to change it for every season.  During the summer I go dark and in winter I like to go lighter.  I use to do it the other way but this year I decided to change things a bit.  So in terms of my hair color I’m going little by little to a medium dark blonde and I’m letting my hair grow since on August I had the crazy idea to chop it off short.  My hair is extremely curly and a weekly blowout. Let’s face it nobody is satisfied with their hair type.   All these changes can damage the hair by making it fall or dry.  Today I will be sharing the things I do to help my hair grow.  No, I’m not a hair stylist; but these tips and tricks may help your hair as it has to mine.  

#1 Brush and Comb Carefully

When I was in my teen years I would go by that myth “brush your hair 100 times a day to promote hair growth” I would literally count lol. Ladies not only is this false, but brushing your hair to an excess can actually pull hairs out.  I use a wide comb and I go from bottom all the way to the top of my scalp.  

1. Detangling Comb 
2. Denman Large Paddle Brush
3. Ion Golden Wood Round Brush Medium

#2 Use Heat Protectors

Like I said I’m the blowout type of gal.  I brow dry my own hair so I make sure I use proper protection since I use double heat (blower and flat iron). I use two in specific, Beyond The Zone Turn Up The Heat Protection Spray (applied before blow drying my hair) and Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect (applied before using my flat iron) 

#3 Reconstructive Mask

I do a deep conditioner normally every Sunday. I wash my hair like normal, rinse the shampoo with warm water, then I towel dry my hair and then apply either a homemade Mask or a Deep Conditioner for approximately 15-20 minutes.  Then rinse with COOL water. My personal favorite DIY Hair Mask is Banana, Honey and Coconut Oil.  But if I either don’t have the ingredients or simply am not in the mood to do a Mask I just use these three alternatives and all three make my hair smooth and shiny.

#4 Vitamins

I started taking prenatal ever since I began my ttc journey but in August after I chopped off my hair and then regret it I was recommended to take Biotin and Vitamin E.  I think it’s grown pretty quick, and hoping it grows longer for next year. I got my Biotin and Vitamin E at Walmart my Prenatals are prescribed but you can get the one in the picture at Walmart as well.
#5 Chlorine & Saline Protection

Wetting your hair with tap water before swimming and treating it with natural oils such as coconut oil helps protect your hair while in pools or beach. Since my hair is short I tend to do a small bun to prevent it from tangling.

#6 Get Less Trims

So they say every 6 weeks you’re supposed to trim your hair.  I don’t go by that rule.  I trim my hair when I believe it actually needs it.  My hair doesn’t grow that fast so if I were to get a trim “every 6 weeks” my hair would be the same length forever.

Do you have any recommendations on what you do for your hair growth???
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  1. I love It's a 10 products! They're so amazing! You do have fabulous hair! Pre natal vitams helped me drastically in the hair and nail department! So awesome!

  2. I definitely love It's a 10! I need to start using a hair mask though. And definitely jealous of how many great hairstyles you can pull off!!

    <3, Pamela