Friday, October 31, 2014

Let’s talk about Halloween!!!

Ever since I was a child I have been celebrating Halloween.  I think there is a picture of each costume I used.  My mom did an amazing job when dressing my sister and me up. 

They are blurry but I still look cute

As the years went buy I celebrated Halloween in different parties with friends, I dressed up as a cheerleader, angel, fairy and even as a sexy devil.  Did I have fun? No words to describe it.  I danced my ass off in every party I went.  As the years went by my life got busier between my career, long distance relationship with the hubs and then marriage; so there was no time for Halloween planning. This year my friend is having a party in her house and I was invited.  At first I was hesitant because 1. Hubs not home, 2. I’m too old for this and 3. I didn't know what to wear. Now let’s face it Halloween is for “kids” so they say.  

Fact is you’re never too old for Halloween; it’s the way you celebrate it that changes and it's just fun to dress up for one they however you want, share with friends and have a good time.  Dressing up as an adult you can do for as long as you wish just don’t go door to door for candy if you have no kids – that’s weird!!!  Well this is how I see it and tonight I’m breaking all the rules.  And by breaking all the rules I don’t mean by disrespecting myself, my hubby or my family.  I’m just going to dress up (you’ll see me in tomorrow’s post) and have fun.  Costumes are centered on older crowds; therefore no one should tell you that you’re too old to dress up, look crazy or slutty.   

I hope you all have a fun and safe night with your hubs, children and/or friends.
Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. Aww how fun are these pictures!?! Happy Halloween!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Cute post! I agree you are never too old to dress up. Hope you are having a fabulous Halloween!
    The Doctor Diva

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