Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Goals

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October was the first time I decided to set goals for each month in order to accomplish things and/or keep myself busy.  I have to admit I had so much fun in October I can say it was a success but unfortunately not all my goals were achieved. Having two jobs is not as easy as I thought.  I barely have time in my hands.

October Goals

1. Send my mom a care package with her birthday gift and some goodies.
2. Send arrangement flowers to my grandparent’s grave.
3. Get Knela groomed.
4. Start meal prepping.
5. Begin shopping for Christmas gifts.
6. Do an all house clean up.
7. Go to a pumpkin patch.
8. Buy someone sunflowers.
9. Walk on a breast cancer awareness marathon.
10. Exercise at least 3 times a week.
11. Go zip lining with Jules.
12. Begin my day with prayer.
13. Buy some pumpkin scented candles.
14. Go to a haunted theme park.
15. Send my husband a care package 
16. Start my first shutterfly book (Fort Bragg, NC)
17. Dye my hair completely black. (Instead of black I went for a honey color)
18. Buy a coat for the winter.  (Thanks to Express for my employee discount lol)

19. Try not to eat dinner outside for this whole month.
20. Write my cousin an encouragement letter (he’s in a rehab program).
21. Rock some brown and burgundy lipsticks and nail polishes.
22. Begin a list of people I’ll send Christmas cards too.
23. Try and blog a Pinterest recipe.
24. Start a financial planning (thanks to Elena from Baby Ridley Bump).
25. Do a DIY Fall project.
26. Buy candies just in case I have kids knock on my door the 31st.
27. Switch out my closet for Fall, organize my jewelry and donate clothes I haven’t worn.
28. Schedule doctor’s appointments and make sure to go to each one.
29. Stick to my skin care routine. 

30. Try doing some pumpkin spice French macaroons. 
31. Celebrate Halloween.

(This was my makeup for Halloween didn't take many pics I wasn't feeling that good)

November is a new start for me: this time with fewer goals so that I can complete them.

Do an all house cleanup
Continue shopping for Christmas gifts
Bake pumpkin macaroons
Healthy Eating
Celebrate Friendsgiving
Exercise at least 2x a week
No eating out

Do you have any goals set for this month?

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  1. Girl you had quite the list of goals and really got a lot of them accomplished! Great job!