Friday, November 21, 2014

Infertility Lately…

Since hubby turns out to be returning in December once he graduates, I decided to schedule a meeting with my OBGYN to discuss any ttc alternatives before we PCS (Permanent Change of Station).  Since I was late on my cycle I began medroxyprogesterone last thursday evening and will continue for 10 days.  He also prescribed a higher dose of Synthroid because although in the labs they came out normal the number he wants me to reach for my infertility treatment needs to be a little bit higher than what it actually is at this moment; and Metformin which I also started last thursday.  I was kind of skeptical with Metformin because of all the reviews of the side effects. 

My Opinion on Metformin

My doctor suggested to do the Paleo Diet funny thing is I was suppose to start when I found out I had hypothyroid.  I’m taking my health a little more serious this time so this time I’m actually eating healthy no sugars or carbohydrates to see how it goes.  Have I cheated?  Yes I think twice since I started last week with Metformin.  I ate a slice of pizza on one day and on another day I drank a Caramel Macchiato which I regret 10 minutes later.  I can swear to you 10 minutes later I had cramps and I had really bad diarrhea (yes I said it DIARRHEA).  So if I ever decide to cheat again I’ll make sure I’m at my house.

I’ll be providing a complete review once I hit a month with Metformin. 

Now to the real topic INFERTILITY!  Once my cycle begins I have to call my doctor and let him know and from there he will decide if we are going with Femara and just try naturally (sexual intercourse) or one more cycle of IUI. 

For now I’m just waiting for CD1 and my bae to get here already!!!

Side Note:  For all my special ttc sisters that has struggles either with miscarriages or BFN's I just want to let you know that Nothing is Wasted in the Hands of Our Redeemer we will have our miracle baby.

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I hope all you ladies have a wonderful weekend.  

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  1. Sounds like you have a plan and that's the first step in the right direction!! Woohoo!!

  2. Definitely a lot to go through! I don't eat Paleo, but I usually try to eat whole foods. However, I've been very bad lately. I hope to get back to more healthy eating!

  3. Nice!�� i'm going to have to try that myself.!