Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Move Forward, Never Look Back

Where I come from there is a say that goes:  "En la vida...siempre hacia delante, para atrás... ni para tomar impulso porque hacia atrás las cosas van solas, no hace falta que las ayudes." Which means:  “In life... keep moving forward, never look back... not even to get a running start, because things tend to move backwards all by themselves, there's no need to help them along.”

Since November 11, 2012 I began to write my thoughts, and share my life in this blog.  My intention with this blog was to write about how I left Puerto Rico to begin a journey with my husband and our traveling adventures.  But then later on I also began to blog about my health, PCOS/Infertility issues, treatment and journey towards baby Millan.  

I have been going through a lot this past month between one of my beloved aunts fighting for her life against cancer and being so far away, my thyroid and PCOS issues (gaining weight), and last my infertility issues. 

I had lost interest on my blog, I was writing maybe once a month, yes I would go in and read my favorite blogs but I wasn’t interested in posting anything.  So I was thinking about closing my blog.  But after several weeks debating, I decided to continue and write with the spirit and love I have always written.

So for all those who follow and read my small blog I’ll continue to share our life experience with PCOS, Army Life, Traveling, Family, Spiritual and our Fertility Journey.    
I am beyond grateful for those of you who read my blog, and who have prayed and continue to pray for both the Mr. and I and I hope that God uses this tool to encourage others going through related journeys.
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  1. I found for me that writing is as good a therapy.

    1. It actually is and it's helped me a lot to deal with infertility and living abroad.