Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Broken Heart

When our life faces certain situations, when people you love are going through horrible health difficulties, we may put up a brave face before them. We may act as if we have the biggest faith and hope and we manage to keep our composure. But then there is a moment when your heart can't deal no more and you burst into tears.  Where you feel you have lost everything and you realize that YES your heart is completely broken. 

On mid July I found out that my aunt was diagnosed with cancer or metastasis.  For years I have considered her like a second mom.  There were things I did not dare tell my mom and there she was to listen to my nonsense.  And now finding out that she has maybe a couple of months with us literally is killing me.  Not only the pain of losing her but seeing how my mother, my life, my all, is deteriorating little by little is killing me even more.  My aunt and mother are more than sisters; they are best friends.  They’ve done literally everything together and I know my mom is hurting and is trying to act strong when she talks to me.  Living abroad has made it a little harder for me to deal with this situation because it’s not like flights are affordable especially in this season. 

(my aunt on the left with my mom)

And then there is my husband.  Since living in North Carolina we new he was having some sort of situation with his kidney.  But doctors never said if it was serious and just told him to drink more water.  Three weeks ago they ran a couple of tests and sonograms on J and the doctor was too concerned he decided to do a Kidney Biopsy on him.  So this past week we were in the hospital for a couple of days.  Thank God the biopsy went well and now we are awaiting the results. 

(my forever love)

So my lovely readers please keep my family and I in your prayers.   

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