Thursday, March 6, 2014

TTC - Exciting News


Exciting News!!! On Tuesday, after months trying to explain to my gynecologist here at Womack (Our Military Duty Station Hospital) with evidence that I’m irregular, that I don’t ovulate every month and that I have PCOS; he FINALLY decided to refer us to an infertility clinic.

So I want to share with you our little journey:   

2010 – Had a 3 month long menstrual cycle so a D&C (Dilation (or dilatation) and curettage) procedure was done, which results were not ovulating for a year.  Began birth control treatment to regulate my cycle.  I was referred to a Hematologist and was prescribed Integra Plus (iron pill) for the rest of my life due to chronic anemia.  
9/7/2012 – We got married
9/2012 – Started TTC naturally
11/2012 – Annual exam/doctor decides to prescribe Clomid to stimulate ovulation. 


12/2012 – 3/2013 Started Clomid results BFN
04/2013 – 11/2013 TTC naturally taking natural supplements and teas [results BFN]
11/2013 – First OBGYN Appointment

NOTE:  During my visit I explain how I've been irregular and diagnosed with PCOS in Puerto Rico and the treatments I had.  I also let him know how I was missing my cycle for 2 months.  His answer was “wait for it to arrive so that on the third day I can get blood work”. 

On my vacations in Puerto Rico I went to visit my Gynecologist and explained how I was missing my cycle and he prescribed Provera (to provoke a cycle) and Clomid for ovulation.

01/2014 – Menstrual Cycle (on 5th Day Clomid)
01/2014 – LH Test (Lutenizing Hormone)
01/2014 – Hubs Semen Analysis – Everything ok on his side

NOTE:  Ever since I got my menstrual cycle on January 21, 2014 I have not gotten my menstrual cycle.  I called my gynecologist and he said either I have to wait for it to arrive to do another blood test or he can refer me to a Fertility Specialist.  Of course I said please refer me.

SIDE NOTE:  I had never experienced so much unprofessionalism in my life. 

3/6/2014 – Progesterone Test & Pregnancy Test Done – BFN
3/6/2014 – Medroxyprogesterone Prescription (5 Days)

NOTE:  Fertility Specialist Nurse contacted me today she made me feel so comfortable with just four words You’re In Good Hands”.  She read my results and explained how my progesterone levels were low and that the pregnancy test came out negative.  They prescribed medroxyprogesterone and once I begin my menstrual cycle I have to call Womack to schedule an appointment for the following procedures:

                                LH Test (Lutenizing Hormone) to check if I’m ovulating
                                Progesterone Test
                                HSG Test (Hysterosalpingogram) checks for blocked fallopian tubes
                                Pelvic and Endovaginal Ultrasound

Once I get the results of these exams I have an Infertility Orientation Meeting on March 27.

I honestly have to thank God so much.  For starters although I hate all the process to schedule an appointment or to see a doctor I have to admit that until this day all these exams has been paid in full by Tricare (our military health insurance).  These tests can be extremely pricey and we haven’t had to spend a dime.  I know that in worst case scenario I would have to pay for IUI or IVF but I’m declaring that God will not let me go through all that process.

I know I’m just starting but I declare that this is our year.  This year all my TTC Ladies will have their miracle baby.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! Prayers for you, Mel!

  2. Praying for you. I love how you are still thanking God for it is Him whom all blessings flow. Xx.