Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

What a weekend!   So I have to admit I am a zombie freak and as you all may know The Walking Dead series was on yesterday and whoa I was in total shock from the beginning until the end.  And yes I cried.  If you haven’t seen last night episode don’t read this paragraph lol.  I was just in denial on the mentality of Lizzy and Mika and how Lizzy killed her own sister to prove that zombies meant no harm.  A shocker was when Carol killed Lizzy because despite the fact that she was a child she knew she was danger for the rest.  Dang, I mean I know it’s a program but it was just so real. 

 On 5 on Friday I had commented that I was doing a 3 day Juicing.  I only lost 1 pound therefore it’s confirmed the older you get the slower your metabolism.  Never again will I let myself starve for 3 days.  With that being said, I had promised my coworkers I would try to do some French Macarons, and if they came out good with no cracks I would bring them.  And I was beyond happy with the results.  For it being the first time only a few cracked, I did caramel and chocolate filling and they were just so delicious. 

 My weekend wasn’t full of excitement but I rested and I needed it very much.   

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! 
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  1. Uhmmm. I'm sorry. What? You MADE French Macarons? It's on my 30 before 30 to just EAT one of those (yes, I have big plans in life, clearly). But maybe I could make them!! Would you mind sharing the recipe?