Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's Knela taking over today!!!

Hi everyone, I'm Knela pronounced Ca-nela!
I was born on January 18, 2004. Today I turn eleven which means that in human years I’ll be 77 (oh my this sounds pretty old to me).  I was born in Puerto Rico and raised by a couple that my now mommy use to work with.  When they had a baby they decided to find a foster home for me because my little brother would hug me too hard and I’m to tiny to survive strong hugs.   
 When my mommy brought me home I was nervous and shaky for a whole month. But little by little with all the love and tenderness she gave me I learned to love her and felt so comfortable in her home.   After living a year with my mom we both got on a plane and moved to North Carolina.  Here I met who now is my daddy. 
My parents taught me well; I know when to let them know if I have to potty, when I’m hungry/thirsty and when I want to play.  And I only play with rubber balls.  Don’t get me a toy just give me rubber balls please.  I don’t understand any other language then Spanish. It’s funny because every time friends come over they try to talk to me in English and I just stare like (excuse me I do not understand) but once they say Knela I’m running all over them so that I can be pet. 

I'm a very silent girl.  I only bark when I’m playing with my balls and my owners take it away.  One thing my mom says is that if an intruder ever enters our home she will never find out because I’m too sweet with strangers and like I said I don’t bark. 

My hobbie—Sleep!!! I sleep in the cars when we go on road trips, on my bed, sofa, their bed you name it there I am sleeping. 

 On one of our road trips to Florida
My bed

Well it’s nap time!  Gotta go but before I do I want to thank you all for reading this tiny post from this beautiful toy poodle.

P.S. This was the lovely cake daddy got mommy and I before he left to Italy!!

P.S.S. Mom and Dad are trying to have a baby my wish was for a baby brother/sister (lets hope he/she doesn't squish me lol) and if it happens I know they will not give me away because I'm too sweet, lovable, beautiful and they love me too much.

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