Monday, January 19, 2015


Gosh!!! I’m thirty-five!!!  I can still remember my teen years and my 20’s.  Being thirty-five to me is much more than just a number.  Although there are things that I still haven’t accomplished I’m grateful for all the other things I did fulfill.  So, I thought it would be appropriate to compile a list of the most valuable things I’ve accomplished and the wisdom I’ve amassed on this journey. 
1.      Paid in full our home in Puerto Rico
2.      Road trips and memories with J
3.      Almost debt free (still have to pay off the credit card)
4.      Setting myself free from all the drama and the negative people
 1.  There’s no point in comparing myself, my life, my journey with any other person
2.  Forgiving – not for the other person but to free myself and live a happy and healthy life
3.  Exercise – the older you get the slower your metabolism gets. Remember you ain’t getting younger
4.  Gratitude – the more grateful you are, the more God provides (it’s just like Karma)
5.  Trust – Trusting my spouse sets my mind free of worry. (But never trust the world)
6.  Love – Love with your heart and soul.
Recap Throughout the Years:
Celebrating my 1st Birthday (mom, sister and I) 

My Sweet 15 (Hispanics celebrate the Sweet 15 not the Sweet 16) 
Celebrating my 27th Birthday
 Good bye 34

Let's see what 2015 & my new 35 brings me this year!!!
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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!!! You look amazing for 35!!! Having a house paid off in Puerto Rico sounds pretty amazing! Huge accomplishment!!