Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years & Weekend

Happy Monday and Happy New Year!  Saying goodbye to 2014 was so much fun and unforgettable.  We spent part of the night in J’s friend’s house and before it hit 12 we went to my brother in laws house. 

Don't mind his hat he was joking around

On Thursday the 1st we had the outrageous idea to drive down to Florida to visit my father in law.  It took us about 8.5 hours between stops and his driving vs. my driving lol.  We got to my father in laws house at around 5 am and we went straight to bed to rest that drive off.  The next day we had a BBQ and then I took off to visit some friends.

 My friends cooked for me this amazing seafood pasta with homemade sauce

 And to end the night we had this amazing dessert 

Thanks for this amazing hostess (Marieliz)

It was so nice seeing Francheska again (We've been friends for about 6 years)

Goodbyes are so sad; especially when you know you might not see your family for three years.  So we spent the following days with his dad and brothers.  Driving back last night was a little pain there was so much traffic. 
 Knela was exhausted
Now we have so many things pending before our big move.  I only have til the 28th to do everything; so much to do with no little time (and us taking little road trips does not help lol)

Hope you all had a great weekend, and a great week.
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  1. Happy New Year girl!! You two are nuts with that crazy long drive but your food looked amazing!! 28 days!!! eek!!