Friday, January 16, 2015

What A Week!!!

This week has been a nutshell for me.  My house looked as if I've never cleaned (boxes clothes and papers everywhere).  But finally movers came yesterday and picked up all of our furniture and canned goods.  One word can truly described me right now and that is EXHAUSTED.  Moving in my opinion is the most exhausting, daunting task.  I had to separate from what I’m taking on my suitcase to Puerto Rico and Italy (clothe, shoes and important papers) and things the movers were going to ship overseas.  I never knew I had so much crap.
I was ready to just burn everything; everyone would tell me not to worry because the movers come in wrap everything up and take it away.  I didn't have to do much.  But for starters I’m not that abusive of a person I like to help and I wanted to get rid of the things we didn't need and didn’t want to take with us.  By the end of all of it, the movers came and in 3.5 hours everything was gone.  An empty apartment with just 5 suitcase and an air mattress.  

Once they left I ended up getting my medical records and buying dinner since I don't have anything to cook with (I didn't think on that one to good).  It was an exhausting night with no tv just my computer, iphone and netflix.  
And one tired toy poodle

My thoughts on moving:

Have a great weekend.

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