Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 Things That Makes Me Happy

Venus Trapped in Mars
Today I decided to join a link up that Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars created. It's writing 32 things that makes me happy here:

1. God
2. Hubs
3. Flamenco Beach – Look at this beach in Puerto Rico its a must if you ever go on Vacation. 

4. Chinese Food – I don’t care what people say about it being nasty I just crave it. 
5. Discounts – A good coupon, rewards or simple sale from my favorite stores.
6. Vino
7. The Walking Dead – I have this huge crush on Daryl (Norman Reedus)

8. Purple & Turquoise
9. Owls
10. Hamsa
11. Karma – What Goes Around Comes Around
12. Road Trips
13. Puerto Rico

14. Makeup
15. Chipotles Guacamole (God I could live by this)
16. Sunflowers – I hate flowers but the only ones I truly love are sunflowers.
17. Waking up next to the hubs every morning – I hate when he’s in the field.
18. Massages
19. French Macarons
20. Hearing my mom, dad and nephew’s voice every day.
21. Relaxing
22. Staying in bed til noon on Saturdays
23. Candles – The smell must last  
24.  Coffee
25.  Nail Polishes – I’m into Gel Nail Polishes now
26. Mani/Pedi’s
27. Talking for hours with the bff
28. Sex and The City Series and Movies
29. The Secret Books
30. My Wedding Ring – I look at it and realize how happy I am that I married my best friend.

31. Taking pictures
32. Rollercoaster’s – I just feel like a little child again. 

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  1. I am a chinese food lover too! The best!

  2. Hey Mel!! Yes to all but Norman Reedus oooohh my godddd !!! Talk about a hunk! wowzaa lol! ;) xx


  3. Your ring is gorgeous! Love this post, so sweet!