Friday, April 4, 2014

5 On Friday

[ONE] Hubs promotion

When it comes to my husband’s work/military related things I never get involved.  I may post 1 or 2 things regarding duty stations, or some other topic but never related to him. 
 But, today was my husband’s promotion ceremony in which he got pinned on as Sergeant. I am beyond proud of him, not just because he’s my husband, but I’ve seen him work really hard for this promotion.  The ceremony was held at 9:00 am at his company with the Captain, all the soldiers that work with him, and his family members and/or friends.  I arrived around 8:45 am and stood close to the front.  They began with a speech and then there it was Hubby was called to the front and I got the opportunity to put his new Sergeant logo on his uniform. Hubs said a few words and that was it.  I can say it was short yet exciting.  Congrats to the most handsome man that I get to call my husband.

[TWO] Hyperthyroid

Today I found out that I have Hyperthyroid and my heart dropped.  I know it’s not something to get depressed over.  But now I understand why my metabolism is so slow. Why after all the diets I never lose weight and why I’m having problems to conceive.  Today I start medication for this little situation.

[THREE] Fallopian Tubes

Well good news with these two is that the Radiologist told me wrong; my right tube is not blocked. Now, my left tube has a little bit of obstruction but nothing to worry about. 


Since Dr. P knows my complete story with Clomids he decided to take care of my Thyroid issues and we will now wait for AF to arrive.  Once she gets here I would have to call my nurse to schedule an appointment and begin with injections to begin our first IUI.  He says he’s 90-95% sure I won’t have to go through IVF which I’m praying that we don’t have to get to that point. 

[FIVE] Massage

Can Monday come already!!! I have a full body massage scheduled.  And I need it ASAP
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  1. Yay. That's great news. IVF is a lot of money and even more trouble. I hope all goes well and I wish you baby dust!!!

  2. OMG!! I'm so happy, for one, that you're tube is not blocked, that is great news, for two, that you have an IUI in the works, and I definitely think you should do the injections rather than Clomid, so much more effective, and three, congrats to your husband!! What a great 5! Enjoy your massage!!! Mucho love to you! <3

  3. Dios mio amiga no sabia que tu estaba pasando por todo eso. Bendito! Pero me alegro saber que las cosa te estas salio bien little bit little. Dios is going to bless you! MUAH!