Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolution Review

Hi Everyone!  Happy Tuesday!!!

Last year at about this time I made my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.  I love the thought of having fresh goals in mind to begin a New Year.  I already have a list that I will be posting next week for my 2014 Resolution but here’s a little recap of how my 2013 Resolution has turned out so far:
  1. Move in to a bigger apartmentWhen I moved to Fort Bragg we had a one bedroom apartment and with the hubs being in the Army, it was hard to keep the house clean with all his stuff.  So, I had set a goal to get a two bedroom apartment and although it’s in the same complex I love the fact that it’s bigger, prettier and with good neighbors. 
  2. Girlfriends – I can say that this has been a very difficult for me.  Making friends in a new place was harder than what I had imagined.  Although I have met wonderful people, it hurts to see that 90% of the people I have met has turned out to be a downer. 
  3. Office Job – When I started applying for jobs it was so depressing because being in a military town, jobs are very hard to find.  I gave up looking for Office Administration positions and had decided to work in anything as long as I had some income to help pay my mortgage.  So I began to work in Walmart, three months later I worked in Hendrick Fiat of Fayetteville, but God granted my prayers and I’m finally working as an Administrative Assistant in a Steel Company where I have the best coworkers and the best schedule. Oh and I got a little part time job just for the Holidays at my favorite store.  Isn’t that being blessed?
  4. Celebrations – And by this I mean Holidays and Birthdays!  I have been able to celebrate Valentines, take mini vacations to Florida during the 4 day weekend holidays and most important celebrate my husband’s birthday (he deserved his party and gift).  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. 
  5. Health and Exercise – I had made a promise to eat healthy, no junk food and boy this has been the hardest. And let me not talk about exercising I totally suck at it.  But I began again let’s see where this one goes. 
  6. Baby – Unfortunately this is by far the hardest for me at this time.  Although, I’m trying my best to keep my hopes up. I've made appointments with my OB/GYN and I’m doing a Natural Fertility Treatment as you know if you had read my past blog.  But still no bump.  In the meantime, I’m trying to maintain my faith and if it hasn't been in this year it will definitely be in my 2014 New Year’s Resolution.

These were my goals for this year, I’m finishing my checklist for the upcoming year and I will be sharing it soon.  

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